ELC DMX Lan Node 8 Gigabit Switch

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $255.00
  • 2 Weeks $480.00
  • 4 Weeks $861.84
  • DMX to Ethernet/Ethernet to DMX node with 8 fully programmable DMX ports and a dual port Gigabit switch.

    This comprehensively-featured node offers data splitting, merging, softpatching and backup when programmed using ELC’s freeware dmXLAN software application.

    Features include:

    • DMX to Ethernet/sACN & Ethernet/sACN to DMX conversion 

    • Remote programming and monitoring using ELC dmXLAN freeware

    • DMX input options: normal or backup

    • DMX output options: normal, merging in HTP, LTP, channel custom, priority merging, full softpatch (channel by channel), programmable merging with DMX channel control

    • Remote capture and control of fixture parameters

    • Local control via backlit display and rotary encoder/selector pushbutton

    • Support for WYSIWYG, ESP, Capture