ELC dmXLAN node6x

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $195.00
  • 2 Weeks $405.00
  • 4 Weeks $780.00

    6-Port DMX / Etnernet node with integrated 5-port Switch


    dmXLAN node6x is our top all in one DMX / Ethernet solution.

    It features 6x DMX inputs/outputs ports , fully compatible with our 

    free dmXLAN software with advanced DMX channel merging & patching.

    And a 5-port 10/100MBit Ethernet switch. 

    It also works perfect as a standalone DMX toolbox.



      Remote programming and monitoring

      DMX input options like Normal and Backup

      DMX output options like:

      - Normal

      - Merging in HTP / LTP or custom

      - Priority merging

      - Merging with softpatch

      Remote takeover of fixture parameters

      Visualizer input supports softwares like WYSIWYG / ESP / Capture / and many others



      3x 10/100 mBit Ethernet connection on Neutrik Ethercon (Front)

      2x 10/100 mBit Ethernet connection on RJ45 (Back)

      6x BiDirectional DMX ports on Female XLR5-pin. Can be used for DMX output, DMX input

          or DMX output with RDM (Front)

    Also available in Full Isolated (-FI) version