Monitor 17" LCD Touch

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $100.00
  • 2 Weeks $185.00
  • 4 Weeks $342.00
  • The Elo line of touchmonitors gives you the advantage of nearly 40 years of experience in touchmonitor design. We continuously listen to our customers' demands for better touch solutions, and we've implemented these needs into our newest line of touchmonitors-which can truly be called "designed for touch." In the new line, Elo has applied its extensive knowledge of touch technologies, CRTs, and LCDs to the design and manufacture of consistently high-quality, reliable touchmonitors with full agency approvals and renowned service and support.


    • "Designed for touch" features such as a stable tilt base.
    • Sealed touchscreen.
    • Dual serial/USB interface.
    • Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security.
    • Controls on the side rather than the front, plus lockout function for public use.
    • Digital on-screen display (OSD).
    • Worldwide agency approvals.


    • 17" Touch LCD.
    • Analog.
    • Dark Gray.
    • Resolution 1280 x 1024.
    • Brightness 230 cd/m2.
    • Contrast Ratio 450:1.
    • Response Time 25 ms.