Fog Fluid

Four Liters of F4L Premium Fog Fluid from ADJ, designed to make the most of your fog production when used with an American DJ Fog Machine. Also usable with any other water based fog machine. Fog effects are great for improving the quality of special effects lighting at parties, clubs, theaters, Halloween events or any light show production. If you're looking to create the proper fog machine experience you need American DJ's F4L Premium Fog Fluid. This safe water based solution will make your light shows all the more exciting by creating a dynamic environment and obfuscating effect. Fog Fluid allows fog machines to improve the visibility of light, in particular that of lasers, thoroughly improving the atmosphere at your event. Get the dance floor foggy with the quality formula of ADJ F4L Premium Fog Fluid.

Use with all oil-based, compressor-powered hazers High Grade Medicinal White Mineral Oil Completely odor free Last to four hour

This specially formulated economy mix is perfect for medium density, airborne fog effects. It is particularly well suited for the Magnum 550 and 800.

A longer lasting, higher density fog is sometimes required in a more controlled environment. With its longer “hang time”, C3 Mix is ideal for “waterfall” and “curtain” type effects.

i-fog is not only kind to your lights, but is also more economical to use thanks to its incredible long “hang time” characteristics. In environments unaffected by extraction and air-conditioning, i-fog can be expected to last 30% longer. In fact it is essential that all auto-timer programmed foggers be adjusted to lower output,shorter duration and longer delays in repeat firing, to avoid atmospheric saturation.