Soft-LED 2.5
Offering more resolution with the same benefits of all Soft-LED drapery!

By reducing the LED node spacing to 2.5" (60mm) centers, the Soft-LED® 2.5 drapery greatly increases display resolution while retaining the same benefits of all Soft-LED® draperies.

These benefits include ease of transport and reduced rigging time compared to other systems, standardized panel sizes and content processing racks for assembling systems large and small, the ability to hang the draperies in any direction, and the unparalleled display contrast provided by the black background for the LED nodes.

Soft-LED® 2.5 is offered in packages or custom sized/shaped for your needs. The two standard Soft-LED® 2.5 panel sizes currently available are 10'1"H x 20'11"W (3.1m x 6.4m) and 6'9"H x 31'4"W (2m x 9.5m). Both panels sport 4800 RGB LED nodes and weigh in at 198 lbs. (90 kg) each. Four male Ramtech Ramlatch connectors receive power and data for each panel, simplifying cabling and setup. Rental packages from Main Light include touring racks, video processor, pixel mapping & prep work.

Optional Equipment & Services

Media/Content Servers

Media Servers

High End Catalyst Pro A media server gives you full control of both the lighting and video elements of a show. Main Light stocks a variety of media servers.

Custom Content

Custom Content Creation

Custom Content Creation Main Light specializes in digital media and custom content creation. Both previsualization and content creation are available on-site and off-site.