Soft-LED Scenic
A printed scenic backlight solution

Soft-LED Scenic - LMX 8'x15' Scrim (6" Centers)

Introducing the next product in our Soft-LED™ series, Soft-LED Scenic.

Main Light worked with TV Studio Lighting directors to create a printed scenic backlight solution. Soft-LED Scenic will replace the bulky, non-dimable florescent tubes mounted to a hard set. Soft-LED Scenic is flexible curtain with LED nodes installed. Soft-LED Scenic allows for individual pixel control for precise gradation for printed backdrop and flicker free dimming. Soft-LED Scenic allows you to tune your backdrop for daylight or tungsten operation.

Soft-LED Scenic - 4 8'x15' (32'x15') Scrim (6" Centers)

Technical Specifications

  • 1” RGB LED Node
  • 6” on center
  • Stock Sizes: 4’x30’, 8’x10’, 8’x15’
  • Custom Sizes available
  • Adjustable Color Temperature via RGB Control
  • Individual Pixel Control
  • Rental Systems also available